About Me

So, you need a writer who gets it, right? Someone who deeply understands your vision and can create knockout pieces on the fly, hitting the mark every time? That's me! We're clearly meant to manifest together.

I'm Whitney-your new freelance writer. Fortunately (for us both), it's my job to be your digital marketing wordsmith. Every word I write has a purpose, so I'm here to intentionally create the online presence of your digital marketing dreams.

I've written for large companies like Allstate and State Farm as well as (my fav) countless solopreneurs, but absolutely no experience has taught me time management like being a mom. I currently have a little one under a year old and I'm expecting my second, so you never have to worry about my grasp on the importance of your time!

You need a reliable, professional freelance writer, and I'm ready to get started. Contact me now to start getting more out of your online presence!